Furniture • 2019

The Sisters chairs were created to accompany a previous piece of mine The Conversation Starter. Made to be easily transported, these chairs break down to flat pack. Made with curly oak, these chairs marry functionality and a classic silhouette.


I decided to make these chairs after researching the influence of bent lamination within the Danish furniture movement. I wanted to create a classic chair that has a weightless visual impact as well as bent surfaces. What would my chair look like if it maximized comfort and functionality while pulling influence from the Danish style of furniture?

Build Process

CNC plywood was used to build the initial mock up based on a CAD model.

Oak billet were then glued up and mitered to accommodate the following CNC work.

The billets were CNC’d to create 2 sets of legs and 2 sets of back rest supports. Excess was ground off using a drill press. The router was avoided to trim excess due to the way the curly oak handled heavy machinery (tearing and burning).

Positive MDF molds were CNC’d as the base for the bent lamination for the back rest and seat pan.

Bending plywood and oak veneer were layered and vacuum bagged. This allowed the glue and wood to cure in an air tight environment.

After curing, the seat pan and backrest were trimmed down, sanded, and drilled into to prepare them for mounting onto the chair frame

All legs and back rest supports were slit on each corner so splines could be inserted for added strength.