Orange crush



Furniture • 2017

Inspired by the self-expression and individuality of midcentury design, this chair marries campy color and rectilinear form to create an inviting space for someone to relax and read a book. Made from Granadillo and acrylic with a colorful compartment for storage, ‘Orange Crush’ is a happy medium between funky, friendly, and functional.


Object Development

Build Process


The center structure was created out of four pieces of wood biscuit jointed together then rounded over on the router. Mortised holes were then made for the arm rest to protrude through.  

A fitted slot needed to be made to accommodate a 8th inch sheet of acrylic. A CNC'd groove was made for the fingers while a slot was also glued to house the acrylic. 

The front legs would serve the function of leg as well as arm rest when inserted through the box. A 95° miter joint was made and then splined for added strength. The back legs were a simple dado joint. 

Cross dowels were made as the attachment structure for the backrest to screw into. End-grain was not suitable for threaded inserts.