Al-Hamad Internship

Furniture and Gallery Design • Internship 2016

Al Hamad Design focuses on playing with the notion of what is practical design. • Can impracticality spark conversation, and if so, how can that be used for change?


Work in Progress

Worked on the logistics and planning of the "Work in Progress" exhibition at the Store Front for Art and Architecture. "Work in Progress" showcased artists, designers, and architects' alternative visions of ongoing construction sites throughout New York City by displaying personalized renderings that one would see aside a construction site. This exhibition was done in the vein of critiquing current development practices in New York City.

Photographs by Nabo Kubota
Done in Partnership with POWERHOUSE

MOMA Gift Shop Project

Collaborated with Al-Hamad Design for an on brand item for the MOMA gift shop. Please contact me for more information. 


White Noise

The White Noise Love Seat was first created as part of the Al-Hamad furniture collection. Was later adatped for the exhibition "Design Solutions for Attempting Love" featured in the Helena Anrather Gallery. 

George Berges Gallery Summer Launch

Worked on the revamping of the lower level of the Georges Berges Gallery for the 2016 Summer launch. The redesigned space would allow for artists, collectors, and the public to co-mingle and experience art and design in a lounge-like atmosphere.


Speculative Products

Both objects are part of a dark humored speculative series that speaks to aspects of fragile humanity (addiction and greed). Sterile Money plays with the notion of dirty money and how cleanliness could be a commodity with currency while the Intravenous Wine Dispenser puts a dark twist on alcohol addiction and its dependency.